Monday, March 22, 2010

recent activities, winter 2010

As the winter of 2010 settles, it will be a busy period for me. In addition to my ongoing responsibilities to faculty, staff and students as Chair of the Department of International Development Studies, I will continue to teach IDST-ANTH 221, Agrarian Change and the Global Politics of Food. In terms of research, I will be revising the manuscript of my forthcoming book for Fernwood Publishers, Hungry for Change? Farmers, Agrarian Questions and the Global Food Crisis. My two-part survey article on the agrarian question for The Journal of Peasant Studies will be published and I hope to complete work on a review article for the Journal of Agrarian Change. I will also be revising my chapter in the forthcoming textbook An Introduction to Gender and Economics: Foundations, Theories and Policies. Finally, I am scheduled to give invited talks at the University of Western Ontario as well as Amnesty International.

Of course, it is likely that a number of unexpected activities will also occur: they always do!

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