Thursday, May 14, 2009

recent activities, winter 2009

In addition to carrying my normal teaching load during the fall, I was pleased to attend 2 meetings. In October I delivered an address to the annual conference of the Global Political Economy Group at the University of Manitoba on the global food crisis. In November I attended an intensive 2 day workshop in New York on unpaid work, care and the economy, as a member of a United Nations Development Programme Expert Group, speaking on the issue of modeling the macroeconomics of care.

My teaching responsibilities for the fall of 2008 have been completed, and now I am looking forward to my first sabbatical. In January I will be working on Hungry for Change, which I hope to substantially complete. In February I will be working on analyzing the 2006 Vietnam Household Living Standards Survey at the University of Manitoba, working on a short article for the Journal of Peasant Studies, and scoping out my proposed development economics textbook. In March and April I will work on a chapter for my forthcoming co-authored textbook in feminist economics. In May I will undertake field research in rural Vietnam and work on an article for the Journal of Agrarian Change on land markets and the character of landlessness in rural Vietnam. In June I will assume a 2 month visiting professorship at the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London, in the United Kingdom. I am also, through this period, scheduled to give half a dozen public seminars in both North America and Europe. It will be a very busy sabbatical.