Monday, December 19, 2016

Recent activities, fall 2016

As we get going into the 2016 -17 academic year, it will be very busy. In addition to my normal teaching at Trent University, which includes IDST 1001H, Human inequality in global perspective and IDST - SAFS - ANTH - GEOG - SOCI 2500H, The world food system, I will be acting as an internal examiner on a Trent University cultural studies PhD dissertation in early October -- the first time I have examined a cultural studies doctoral dissertation. In October I will travel once more to Uganda, to undertake advisory services on engendering agricultural and rural development policies and programmes in the forthcoming national budget. In November I will travel to the South Asian University in Delhi, to deliver a keynote address at a conference, and in December I will travel to the Free University in Berlin to also deliver a keynote address. From that point on, I will start my half-sabbatical; only the second one that I have had in 30 years of teaching. During my sabbatical I plan to work on my next book, Feast or Famine? Can Small Farmers Feed the World? I will do some of that work at China Agricultural University in Beijing, and some of it at the Free University in Berlin.  Of course, work as Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies is ongoing, as is work as Associate Editor of Feminist Economics.