Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reframing R+20: zero ten twenty

The media portal that seeks change, tve, has started to post a series of short films that follow the lives of 11 boys and girls born in different countries round the world in 1992 - the year of the first Rio Earth Summit, where world leaders signed up to a blueprint for a greener, fairer world – a world that would safeguard resources for future generations. ‘Zero, Ten, Twenty’ is tve's flagship, long-term project that seeks to document what it’s been like to grow up in a fast-changing, 21st century world – how globalization and the Earth Summit have impacted on their lives, and what now are their hopes, fears and ambitions for the future, on the eve of the new Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012. The stories of these children, from Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Latvia, Norway, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, England and USA, constitute a unique diary of global change. This first entry is an overview of a series of films that will emerge. It really is something quite remarkable -- a partial transcript of our world.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Memories of the Sahel

An excellent perspective of the food crisis in the Sahel from expatriate Africans from the region living in New York. Perspective is everything.

Thanks to David Styan for showing me this.